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Rolene has been working as a Management Consultant since 2012 and has been focused on helping her clients get beyond baseline. As part of the Barrington Consulting Group team, Rolene uses her facilitation expertise and her background in strategic and operational planning to find what’s working well for clients and to co-create compelling visions for the future. Rolene has worked on projects for a wide variety of clients across a number of different industries, including education, government, health, and insurance. Rolene holds a Masters Degree in Applied Social Psychology and has a deep appreciation for people, groups, organizations, and cultures.

Before starting her career in consulting, Rolene worked for more than 10 years’ in higher education, with half of this time spent in a leadership role. Rolene was focused on institutional research and planning and has applied the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ method for strategic planning in the education space. Rolene and her colleague Dr. Kelly Saretsky were the first known facilitators to use AI to complete a full, multi-year, strategic plan in the higher education space.

Rolene is passionate about Appreciative Inquiry and the magic it can create in all aspects of life. Every day, Rolene aspires to move through the world with an intentionally appreciative lens, finding the great things around her and asking for more. After all, more is the magic word!