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Michelle Bradley

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Library of Michigan

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Library Development Manager

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After a career spanning over twenty years working in various roles in public libraries, Michelle has spent the last several years providing consulting services for libraries, and has helped libraries of all types in the midwest to navigate their changing environments and roles.  She has led libraries through strengths based strategic planning, as well as facilitated various visioning and change initiatives.

In addition to being certified by Company of Experts as an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Michelle has been trained as a Public Innovator by the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, has a Certificate in Creating Positive Change from the Change Lab, a Certificate in Creating Wellbeing from the Wellbeing Lab, and holds a Master of Library Science from Indiana University, a Graduate Certificate in Public Management from Indiana University, and a BA in Advertising from Purdue University.

Michelle is interested in working with libraries, public agencies and non-profit organizations.