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Heather Martinez


After two decades of living a professional art life I recognized that my struggle as an artist was that I lacked a visual language. Although process and inspiration come naturally to me, my genre did not adequately communicate my message.

When I found visual facilitation I realized the value audience plays in my work—and how I can support their participation and engagement in learning environments by using visuals.

When I discovered Appreciative Inquiry I then had the methodology needed for every step of the process from discovery meeting to delivery of a facilitated event.

Today rather than spending my creative time exclusively in the studio, I prefer to spend it at the wall—working collaboratively with individuals and groups to support their goals and facilitate change.

Why Visuals?

First imagine a meeting without visuals. All of the intellectual conversations and words invisibly hang in the air and drop to the floor at the end of the day for the cleaning crew to vacuum up.

With visual facilitation, together we can take those words, ideas, and strategies and capture them on the wall for you to reflect upon, build on, and reference later. The visuals captured at your next meeting or event can act as a foundation from which to strategize and grow.

How We Collaborate

Co-design and delivery of a visually rich agenda that supports the desired outcomes for your next meeting or event.

Creation of custom chartwork, digital graphic, or handdrawn illustrations to increase broad understanding and the power behind your brand.

Production of scribe videos or presentations to help you deliver complex information to your audience.

Together let’s incorporate visuals into your next summit or meeting to increase interest and engagement.


Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

Graphic Faciliation

Using visuals to support the 4D process, I provide graphic facilitation or co-facilitation from the discovery meeting, through design, and to delivery.

Graphic Faciliation

1:1 Coaching for Artists

Professional coaching sessions for artists using the Art Career Theorem model.


The Power is in the Process

The Power is in the Process

From Appreciative Imagery to Appreciative Inquiry

From Appreciative Imagery to Appreciative Inquiry


Discover Dream Deliver Design

Discover Dream Deliver Design

Sketch Notes