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Carol Vickers

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Applied Appreciation Consulting

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Carol Vickers’ coaching and facilitation practice is based on the belief that human systems are made and imagined by those that live and work within them. She supports the most creative and generative systems in organizations, families and relationships. Her way of being has been altered and remains informed by the model of Appreciative Inquiry where she found a structure and process for what she has held as true for all of her life.

She brings 25 years of small and medium enterprise management, operations management, strategic planning, leadership, training and coaching to my practice. Carol is known for her ability to foster connection and create community. Intentional and productive communications are the key to her process with clients. Clients say that Carol listens at a profound and deep level, allowing them to realize their intentions and powerfully take actions to fulfill their ambitions and purposes.

As a graduate of the Core Alignment Professional Coach training, and having designed and delivered her own ICF accredited training programs, Carol’s passion for people, for discovering their strengths and uncovering their vision produces proven results. Carol is a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Coach and holds the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation. She holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program from Royal Roads University.

Carol’s approach to both coaching and facilitating is practical and thoughtful. She has observed the potent changes in the clients and students who have engaged in an Appreciative paradigm. The opportunity to operate from strengths and possibility naturally opens people to be able to experience life with significant ease and grace.

With a solid background of over 15 years providing structure and support for over 20 projects in 10 locations around the globe, Carol clearly understands the value and importance of team building, leadership development and creating an environment of integrity and collaboration. She is committed to supporting the very best in connections and relationships within organizations and building success through direct communication and tools to sustain growth and deliberate actions.