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Kelly Stewart

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The Positive Business

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I have a natural desire and proven ability to bring out the best in an organization.

For me this comes from a long background of leadership experience in Client Services, New Business Development, and Marketing where I was both the “face of the company” and the “voice of the client.” Some of my favorite stories of helping organizations move forward are in small and mid-sized B2B companies ranging from facilities design, planning and management to accounts receivable management, in education and non-profit organizations including foundations.

Throughout this time, I’ve noticed the companies that grow through change are the ones led by people who proactively ask, “What can we do now?” instead of “What are we going to do now?”

As a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Conversations Worth Having Practitioner, I’m committed to helping leaders shift the conversation away from a feeling of being “stuck” to one of empowerment while engaging the people essential to their success in ways that feel like natural next steps.

I believe that doing well by doing good is the business imperative of our time.

This is at the core of my focus on positivity. When we’re positively triggered, we are neurologically, psychologically, and physically able to activate our best thinking and our emotional intelligence. These vital resources are necessary for organizations that want to remain relevant and viable in the future. They need to find ways to create positive value for others in what they do and how they do it — across all functional areas of the organization — and applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry will help them achieve that. I also co-host the Doing (good) Business podcast, sharing the stories that prove you can bring the best of who you are to work and put it into successful business strategy and practice.

I believe people commit to what they help create.

It’s widely reported that 70% of strategic execution fails, and it’s widely reported that 70% of employees are disengaged. It seems reasonable to think that the 30% of people who feel closely connected to their work and excited about it are helping to drive the 30% of strategy that succeeds. That’s why the work I do is rooted in Appreciative Inquiry. The inclusive and generative nature of AI allows me to help leaders and their stakeholders tap into the unrealized potential within their organizations as a springboard for future success along with the desire to make it happen. Oh, and the other happy by-product? It’s a natural way for leaders to lean in to new and emerging strengths-based leadership styles that define today’s work environments.


Conversations Worth Having Bootcamp

Improve how people communicate with one another every day.

Conversations Worth Having Strategic Bootcamp

Foster strategic thinking at every level of your organization.

Strategic Planning – The "What if You Could?" Workshop

Tap into the unrealized potential of your organization and engage your stakeholders to launch and implement your vision for success.

Speaking Engagements

Want to bring the message of how positive, strategic conversations are key to helping that next big idea stand out from the crowd?


Strategic Implementation Planning and Support Overview


Dr. Tobi Bruhn, CFRE Former Vice President, Advancement | Executive Director, Foundation & Alumni Relations Bucks County Community College

“With her inclusive approach, Kelly made sure that [everyone] had a voice in the planning process. Not surprisingly, the well-organized retreat was highly attended allowing for lots of conversation among board members and staff, out of the box thinking, and goal setting reflective of the organization’s successful past and ambitious future.”

Kathie Iannuzzi, Executive Coach & Facilitator

“The business leaders attending The Delaware County Entrepreneurs Council overwhelming commented on their appreciation for Kelly’s engaging style and the value of her message. Conversations Worth Having provided meaningful new practices and reminders for me personally and professionally.

Dynamic speaker and extremely relevant topic, highly recommend!”